The Black Vote in the USA

Mind Map of the importance of the black vote including key quotes and recent stats

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  • Black Vote
    • The Black vote is always important and the reason is it serves as a tremendous base for the Democrats
    • On the national level, Democrats traditionally receive at least 90 percent of the Black vote
    • If you look at 2008, two million more African-Americans voted that year than they did in previous years.
    • If you are a Democrat and you get less than 90% of the Black vote you are going to likely lose your election.
      • African Americans contributed 10 points or greater to Obama's margin in Florida, Michigan, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Virginia
    • what they are saying is that they are not actually voting based upon their Christian faith. They are voting based on their political position
      • many conservative pastors were blasting Mitt Romney during the primary because he is a Mormon. You had some pastors calling it a cult – "I can't give my vote to a cult."
    • Traditionally  Aligned with Republican due to Abe Lincoln ending slaver and AA being very in touch with roots
    • Realigned with Democrats due to Jimmy carter  due to him signing the civil rights Legislation
    • , black voters have constituted about 12 percent of the total vote
    • African Americans contributed 11.7 points (90 x 0.13) to Obama's margin in 2008. Without their vote, Obama would have lost the election to John McCain
    • Kerry lost the popular vote to President Bush by only 2.5 percentage points, but he would have won by 0.7 points if black voters had contributed as many points to his total as they did to Obama in 2008
    • Black voters also play a key role in a number of swing states
    • John Kerry would have carried Ohio, and therefore also the electoral college, had blacks in Ohio contributed as many points to his margin as they did to Obama's in the Buckeye State
    • Alan West of Florida and Tim Scott of South Carolina, the only black Republicans in the House
      • Black  might not vote for Republicans because they may feel under represented


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