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  • BL5
    • Limiting factors
      • Factors include: Temperature, Light intensity and CO2 levels(All control speed of photosynthesis
        • Mineral Ions:
          • Nitrate causes growth but if there is a deficiency, Stunted Growth
          • Potassium helps enzymes and respiration but deficiency means poor flower growth
          • Phosphate creates DNA and respiration but deficiency means poor root growth
          • Magnesium creates chlorophyll but if deficiency leaves turn yellow and can't photosynthesise
        • To increase rates: Extra CO2, High temperature all in greenhouses
    • Respiration
      • Respiration takes place in cells and then mitochondria
      • Creating energy using glucose, exothermic reaction as it is released
      • Aerobic Respiration (Release of oxygen)
      • Anaerobic Respiration(Incomplete respiration)
        • Less energy is released and creates lactic acid is created and causes muscle fatigue or cramps
      • Use of released energy: Muscle Contraction, Control body temperature and cell division
    • Exercise
      • Effects of exercise: Increased heart rate and breathing rate
      • How to get rid of lactic acid: Transports lactic acid to liver, converts to glucose and creates oxygen debt(Extra oxygen needed by body)
    • Metabolic rate
      • Metabolism: All chemical reactions in an organism and how quick they occur, controlled by reactions
      • Reactions and where?
        • Photosynthesis; in plants
        • Pepsin(Digestion of protein); stomach
        • Amylase(Digestion of starch);mouth,small intestine
        • Lipase(Digestion of fat);Small Intestine
        • Conversion of glucose to starch;Storage tissues of plants
  • How to change metabolic rate:Exercise,Age,Gender and genetics
    • Exercise will:Decrease fat store,increase energy use and builds muscle and metabolism


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