Bismarck's foreign policy

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  • Bismarck's foreign policy in 1873 onwards
    • 'War in sight' crisis in 1875
    • 1873 Dreikaiserbund
      • Austria-Hungary, Germany and Russia.
      • Contained the rivalry between Austria-Hungary and Russia.
    • The Eastern crisis in 1875-8
      • This posed a threat to Bismarck's Dreikaiserbund as he tried to maintain good relations with both Russia and Austria-Hungary at the same time.
      • The revolt began in 1875 with a revolt against Bosnia and Herzegovina.
      • Revolt spread to Bulgaria in 1876 with Turkish rule collapsing.
    • Treaty of San Stefano in 1877
      • Russia declared war on Turkey- they were defeated by R in 1878 treaty was introduced- a new independent state. Breech of the agreement wirh A-H
    • Congress of Berlin
      • He set up the congress and the outcome was that a series  defeat for Russia.
      • Austria-Hungary and Russia had been fighting on e another
    • Dual Alliance with Germany and A-H in 1879
      • He wanted to work on an alliance with Austria-Hungary.
      • He said this alliance would help stabalise the situtation in the balkans.
    • The Emperor's Alliance in 1881
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    • Triple Alliance in 1882
    • German Colonial Empire in 1884-5
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    • Reinsurance Treaty in 1887
    • Problems of his Foreign policy


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