Bismarck's economic policies

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  • Bismarck's economic policies
    • Moved from Free trade to Protectionism
      • He did this by:
        • Introducing indirect taxation
        • Isolating other countries, such as France
    • Agriculture Policy
      • Farming suffered from bad harvests
        • Bismarck saw this as dangers of Depression
      • A slowdown in industrialisation helped to produce a crisis in Free Trade
      • He put tariffs on vegetables
    • Army Budget
      • Took money from federal states to fund it
      • Increased Army's power
      • Reichstag only had a say every 7 years.
      • Increased army to 400,000
    • State Socialism
      • The working class was helped by certain insurance schemes
    • Alsace Lorraine
      • They had raw materials


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