Births outside marriage

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  • Births outside marriage
    • New Right
      • 1/3 babies is now born outside marriage
    • Media Moral Panics
      • Focused on the UK has the highest rate of teenage pregnancy in Europe
        • In England and Wales in 2003 there were 34 138 pregnancies in the 16-17 age group
    • The under-16 conception rate has fallen considerably compared to the 1960s
      • Fallen slightly over the last ten years to approx. 8 per 1000 girls
      • Only 3% of unmarried mothers are teenagers
    • 4/5 births outside marriage are registered to both parents
      • 3/4 of these live at the same adress
      • Most births outside marriage are to cohabiting couples
        • A significant number of marriages end in the first years of having a child, which suggests it is not always the stable institution for children that the New Right claim
          • New Right
            • 1/3 babies is now born outside marriage


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