Birth Rates

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  • Declining Birth rates in the UK
    • WHY? (last 100 years)
      • EDUCATION OPPORTUNITIES - Women are working instead of getting married and having children
      • Attitudes towards family is changing - other life style choices.
      • Contraception and birth control
    • Female Emancipation
      • - no longer pressure to get married and have kids
    • Effect of Productive rights
      • It has lowered birth and fertility rates
    • Decrease in infant mortality rate
      • Health and Education -NHS
      • Government policies to protect children - Social services
      • Better living conditions
      • WHY DOES  THIS LEAD TO FEWER BIRTHS?  Because they're more likely to survive means people dont have as many
    • Economic Factors
      • Now they are economic liability (burden) rather than asset. Because they are valued-apollonian image of children.
    • Over protected
      • Take up more time an effort, there must be fewer of them.
      • Children are now a lifetime investment.
    • Reasons for slight increase in pop and B rate (10 years)
      • More people immigrating into the country - mostly asian - who's fertility rate is higher because of culture
      • Strongly religious people - dont believe in contraception e.g. Catholics
    • FUTURE consequences  of trends in next 10-20 years
      • Aging population - imbalanced.
      • Decrease in workforce (non -dependents) and increase in dependents.


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