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  • Birmingham
    • Transport
      • Problem: Birm. on main motorway network. Roads = narrow & easily congested
        • Partly improved by M6 toll road
        • Spaghetti junction = slow traffic, frequent roadworks to maintain old infrastructure
        • City center = difficult to navigate & is congested
      • Solution
        • Opened tramline into city centre
          • Aston expressway
        • Redeveloped New Street Station to connect  transport routes
        • HS2 will reduce commuting times between London & Birm. - attract more business
        • Towpaths  upgraded -encourage walking & cycling
        • Traffic managed by creating a park and ride scheme, encouraging use of buses
          • Buses improved: sustainable fuel, free wifi, more frequent stops, more accessible
    • Housing
      • Problem: Population rapidly growing
        • Immigration from abroad
        • Workers moving to jobs due to rapidly expanding economy
      • Solutions
        • Redevelopment of former Lee Bank Estates
          • Don't meet needs of aging population
            • Expected to 13% in next 3 years
              • Not enough space within city for estimated homes needed
          • Build mainly in inner city where industrial land is being redeveloped into apartments (Jewellery Quarter)
          • Open space, improved quality of environment, lower building density, expensive apartments so low income families can't afford (displaced original population across city)
    • Waste
      • Problem: 544000 tones waste produced/year. 24% recycled.
        • Majority send to landfill sites (produce methane, greenhouse gas contributing to climate change)
      • Solution
        • "energy from waste" plant installed to generate energy from buring waste + second one planned for future


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