biotechnology basics

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  • biotechnology basics
    • biotechnology is the industrial use of microorganisms to create useful products
    • drugs
      • drugs: penicillin: fungus penecillium produces antibiotics as by-product of respiration
      • insulin: E.coli GM to carry human insulin. they secrete it as they grow
    • Enzymes
      • Pectinase: used in fruit juice extraction. fungus A.Niger can secrete enzyme in certain conditions
      • calcium citrate is used in detergents, A.Niger produces citric acid as by-product of metabolism
      • biogas fuel: methanogenic bacteria grown on concerntrated sewage respire anaerobically produces gases that are used as fuel.
    • foods
      • cheese and yoghurt: bacteria bactobacillus changes flavour and texture. these bacteria stop growth of other bacteria causing spoilage
      • soya sauce: roasted soya and fermented with yeast
      • mycoprotein: the specific growth of fusarium fungus. fungal mycelium is produced and separated as processed foods


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