Psychology - Biorhythms studies Theme B

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  • Biorhythms Theme B
    • Nature of sleep
      • Dement + Kleitman
        • ppts awakened during REM sleep reported dreams 80-90% of the time. 7% in NREM sleep
      • Kripke et al
        • People sleeping 6/7hrs had reduced mortality risk. 8hrs-15% inc. 10hrs-30% inc.
    • Functions of sleep
      • Restoration explanation
        • Randy Gardner
          • Stayed awake 260 hrs. No sig. psychotic problems. Normal after lengthy sleep
        • Peter Tripp
          • Stayed awake 201 hrs. After 3 days- abusive. 5 days- Hallucinating, paranoid. Cont. decline in body temp. Normal after 24hr sleep
        • Rechtschaffen
          • Forced rats to stay awake on rotating disc. 33 days- died
      • Evolutionary Explanation
        • Zepelin + Rechtschaffen
          • Energy conservation - Smaller animals with higher metabolic rates slept longer than larger animals.
        • Allison + Cicchetti
          • Predator avoidance - Species with higher risk of predation sleep less
          • Larger animals less NREM sleep, not less REM. NREM more important for EC
        • Capellini
          • Rejects energy conservation. Accepts foraging + predator avoidance. -ive correlation with metabolic rate and sleep - only on land mammals


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