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  • BioPsychology
    • Sensory Neuron
      • Found In receptors
        • eyes, ears, tounge, skin
      • carry nerve impulses to the spinal chords and brain
      • when these impulses reach the brain they are translated into sensations
        • However, not all sensory info reaches the brain, some neurons stop at the spinal chords allowing for quick reflexes
    • Relay Neuron
      • Lie between the sensory input and motor output
      • Allow sensory and motor neurons to communicate
    • Motor Neuron
      • Located in the central nervous system
      • Control musces
        • Form synapses with muscles to control their contractions
      • when stimulated these release neurotransmitters
        • that bind to the receptors on the muscle to trigger a response, leading to movement
    • Action Potential
      • Information which is passed down the axon of the cell as an electro-chemical impulse
    • Synaptic gap
      • The space between the presynaptic neuron and the post synaptic neuron
    • Neurotransmitters
      • Chemical messengers which carry a signal across the synaptic gap
      • Excitatory
        • neurotransmitters which make the post synaptic call more likely to fire
      • Inhibitory
        • Neurotransmitters which make the post synaptic cell less likely to fire
  • neurons


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