biomedical explanations of abnormalities 

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  • biochemical explanations of abnormalities
    • schizophrenia
      • caused by an excess amount of dopamine in the brain
      • iverson found high levels of dopamine in post mortem
      • drug treatment has helped however brings about parkinson symptoms which is caused by low levels of dopamine
    • abnormal affect
      • teuting found that adrenaline and serotonin were broken dow nay enzymes present in urine, lower levels of chemical compound in urine of depressed people
      • davidson and neale highlighted how certain drugs block the reuptake of these neurotransmitters.
    • addictions
      • dopamine  has been linked as it gives us pleasure, this feeling becomes a desire so is repeated.
      • von reported when pps where given a dopamine agonist (actives receptors) impulsive choices increased
      • down regulation occurs where there are decreased receptors because so much dopamine being released and in the receptors need more of drug to get same feeling


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