Biomechanical Principles;Levers and Technology

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  • Biomechanical:Levers and Technology
    • Newtons Law of motion
      • First Law: Inertia
        • An object's state of motion will not change unless acted upon by an external force
      • Third Law:Reaction
      • Second Law: Acceleration
    • Calculations
      • Force(N)=Mass(kg)xAcceleration(m/s2)
      • Momentum(kg/s)=MassxVelocity(m/s)
      • Acceleration(m/s2)=change in velocity(m/s)/Time
      • Weight(kg/ms2)=MassxGravitational acceleration(m/s2)
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    • Levers
      • 1ST-Load-Fulcrum-Effort
      • 2ND-Effort-Load-Fulcrum
      • 3RD-Load-Effort-Fulcrim
    • Technology
      • Force plates
      • Limb Kinematics
      • Wind tunnels
  • An object will accelerate in the same direction as the force exerted on it,and the amount of acceleration is directly proportional to this force
  • For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction
  • Used to calculate reaction force produced when moving.Useful jumping movements
  • Studying motion through use of cameras- allows analysis of angles
  • anaylse impact of air resistance on sport performance help improve streamlining


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