Blood vessels

mindmap of blood vessels if anythings wrong please let me know.

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  • Biology unit 2 Blood vessels
    • artery
      • awey from the heart to tissues.
      • thick muscle layer to control volume.
      • thick elastic layer to maintain smooth pressures.
      • no valves as there is a high pressure so no backflow.
      • thick walls which prevent bursting.
    • vein
      • from tissues to heart.
      • thin mucle layer as blood pressure isnt to intense going back to the heart
      • thin elastic layer as of low blood pressure
      • valves present to ensure no back flow.
    • Capillary
      • Used for exchange of materials between the blood and body cells.
      • very thin so short diffusion pathway.
      • numerous and branched for large surface area.
      • narrow diameter, co cell far from one another.
      • narrow lumen, squeezes blood cells for short diffusion pathway.
      • spaces between the lining allowing white blood cells to leave and fight infection.
    • arteriole
      • from arteries to cappilaries under low pressure
      • thick muscle layer to control movemtent into capillaries
      • thinner elastic layer as of lower pressures


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