Biology Topic 1

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  • Cells
    • Plant Cells
      • Plant Cell as all the same parts as the Animal Cell but with some extra.
      • Cell Wall - supports the cell so it keeps it's shape.
      • Large Vacuole - in the middle of the cytoplasm that is filled with sap helps the cell stay rigid.
      • Chloroplasts - contains Chlorophyll, the green stuff that helps photosynthesis.
    • Animal Cells
      • Cell Membrane - it surrounds the cell and controls substances going in and out of the cell
      • Cytoplasm - where chemicals reactions happen. contains organelles.
        • Organelles - carries out a special job.
      • Nucleus - Contains DNA. controls what the cell does.
      • Mitochondria - where respiration occurs so that energy can be released.
    • Bacterial Cells
      • Cell Wall and Cell Membrane are the same as the other cells
      • Plamid DNA - Small loop that carries out information
      • Chromosomal DNA - makes up the chromosomes of a cell
    • Magnification Calculations


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