Nevous system (GCSE BIOLOGY)

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  • Biology - Nervous system
    • synapses
      • impules comes to the end of its pathway before the synapse gets in the way
        • Impluses travel across the synapses by a chemicap substance called neurotransmitters
          • These neurontransmitters travel across the synapse then connect to the repeptors on the other side of the synapse
          • These impulses are slowed down slightly by the synapses
      • Role of the synapse...
        • Ensures that the impulses can only travel in one direction
    • Reflec arc
      • receptor detects a stimulus (change in the environment)
        • sensory to relay
          • relay to motar
            • motar to effector
              • effector respondes
    • Myelin Sheath
      • Insulates the axon
      • Helps the impulses to be carried faster
    • Sensory Cell
      • "Body" and neuclus coming off at the centre of the nerve, has the neucleus in it
      • Axon endings pass the impulse on to other neurons
    • Motar Neuron
      • Neucleus in a "Star shaped body" at the beginning of the cell
      • Connects to a muscle
  • These impulses are slowed down slightly by the synapses


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