Biology - fertility treatment

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  • Biology- Fertility Treatment
    • Some women have too low levels of FSH and LH which can prevent a women getting pregnant.
    • The hormones FSH and LH can be injected into women to stimulate egg releases in their ovaries
    • IVF- in vitro fertilization pro: It can give an infertile couple a child.
    • IVF- in vitro fertilization con: Some women can get affected by it badly, some have reported it increases the chance of cancer and multiple births can occur if more than one embryo grows into a baby.
    • IVF can be done with donated eggs - pro: can help a person who cant produce eggs to get a baby, and reduces risk of passing on genetic disorders
    • IVF with donated eggs - con: It can be emotionally difficult for the family knowing that it is not related to the mum.
    • Using a surrogate mother - pro:  It allows a couple who cant have children to have children, or if its dangerous for them to give birth
    • Using a surrogate mother - con: The surrogate mother is legally the mother of the child until its adopted by the intended couple. The mother may keep the baby instead of giving it away.


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