Biology - Drug Testing

A mind map for gcse biology about drug testing.

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  • Biology -  Drug Testing
    • New medical drugs have to be tested to ensure that they work and are safe before they can be perscribed.
    • Stage 1 - drugs tested using computer models and human cells grown in the laboratory . Many substances fail as they do not seem to work and damage cells.
    • Stage 2 - If theey passs stage 1, then they are tested on animals which is compulsarary in the U.K but it is illegal to test tobacco and cosmetics on them. The test involves a known amount of the substance given to the animals and then monotoring of the animals to see the effects of it.
    • Stage 3 - drugs that have passed stage 2 and then used in clinical trials where they are tested on healthy volunteeers to check they are safe. They arew then tested on people with illnesses to make sure that they are safe and thhat they work.


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