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  • Biology: cells
    • Animal Cells..
      • cytoplasm   mitochondriaribosomes    cell membrane   nucleus
    • Plant Cells...
      • Nucleus   MitochondiraCell membrane   Cytoplasm  Ribosomes  Cell wall  Chloroplasts Permanent vacuole
    • Yeast cells- single celled    microorganism...
      • Nucleus containing genetic material       Cell membrane Cytoplasm  Cell wall
    • Bacterial cells single celled microorganism...
      • Cytoplasm Cell membrane Cell wall Genetic material
    • Definitions...
      • Nucleus: contains genetic material that controls the activities of the cell.  Cytoplasm: a gel like substance where most of the chemical reactions take place- containing enzymes that control these reactions. Mitochondria: where most of the reactions for respiration take place.. releasing energy.     Cell membrane: holds the cell together and controls what goes in and out.  Ribosomes:  these are where proteins are made in the cell.       Chloroplasts:these are where photosynthesis occurs, which makes food for the plant. They contain chlorophyll, which absorbs the light energy needed.  Permanent vacuole: contains cell sap, a weak solution of sugar and salts.


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