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  • Biology
    • features of all living things
      • move - bacteria and animals move to find food, escape from predators, or find better conditions.
      • Respire - energy is needed to carry out cell processes.
        • Respiration is a series of chemical reactions that releases energy from food
      • Sense - living things sense and respond to their surroundings . plants grow towards the sunlight, while woodlice's running away from the sunlight
      • Excrete- living cells produce waste
        • Waste is removed by excretion. and carbon dioxide is a waste product
      • grow - bacteria grow and divide to form new bacteria. plants and animals are made from billions of cells.
      • Feed - living things get a supply of energy from their food.
        • plants makes their food from photosynthesis
    • reproduce - all living things eventually die. reproduction makes new generations.
    • enzymes are Catalyst  that speeds up a reaction, but it doesnt get used up .
    • the lock - and -key model explains how enzymes work
      • only the right shape molecule fits into the enzymes active site
    • without enzymes at 37*c enzymes chemical reactions in your body would happen too slowly to keep you alive.
    • a higher body temperature speeds up the chemical reactions in your body
      • higher temperatures damage human cells. we need enzymes to live.
        • for a higher body temperature you would need a lot more food to fuel respiration




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