Biology 1B

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  • Biology 1B
    • Adaptation
      • extremophiles
        • PREDATORS:warning colours/armour/produce poison.
      • light/space/water/minerals (plants)
        • +food/territory/mates(animals)
      • Distribution changes: animals migrate
      • Indicators: lichen:air poll/sulphur dioxide(lots=clean air) //mayfly:water poll/dissolved oxygen(in river=water clean)
    • BIOMASS// energy LOST EACH STAGE//not enough energy to support next 4/5stages
      • PHOTOSYNTHESIS absorb co2
        • CO2 in air=burning F.F//detrius feeders respire(decay)/plant/animal respire
    • Variation
      • Genetic or Envirnomental
      • SEXUAL(variation)//ASEXUAL
        • 2parents/fusion/genetically diff.
        • opposite!! Genetically identical
      • PLANTS:cuttings/tissue culture
        • embryo transplants(best animal/many same offsprings)
          • adult cell cloning:Nucleus remove/Adult N added/electric shock
    • Genetic engeneering
      • CUT and PASTE
        • eg. human insuline gene
          • treat disease
            • don't know long-term effects
      • G.M
        • Gene therapy
        • +yield of a crop/nutrients added/resistance to virus'
          • allergies/reduce biodiversity/create new variety
    • Natural Selection
      • DARWIN:genes passed on.//better adapted=better chance of survival
        • DIDNT AGREE: religious belief/no good explanation/not enough evidence
      • LAMARCK:characteristic used a lot=will be more developed during its lifetime
    • no effect but may produce useful characteristics= increase survival+reprodct.


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