Biology 1A

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  • Biology 1A
    • Fighting Diseases
      • BACTERIA: living cell/damages cells/produce Toxins
      • VIRUS: invades a cell/replicates/burst cell= damaged cells
        • White Blood Cells will attack pathogen
          • 1) Engulf and Digest
            • 2)Produce Antibodies (wbc produces a protein to LOCK+KILL specific invading cell.
              • 3) Produce Antitoxins
      • Prevent entering body: hair/mucus
      • Injection w/ INACTIVE microorganism
        • trigger immune system/WBC produces antibodies as the microO carries antigens
          • Memory cells
            • If microbe attacks again(alive) antibody produced quickly to destroy.
              • BODY= has defences.
    • Drugs for diseases&Fighting
      • Antibiotics ONLY- Bacteria. Doesn't destroy viruses(flu) as it is inside the cell, HARD to make a drug BC it will kill the body cell
        • Too many take: Bacteria= resistant/ immune
          • Viruses tend to mutate:hard to develop vaccines
      • Semmeilweis: doctors to clean hands before delivery- reduced death rate
    • Nervous System
      • Reflexes: automatic/prevents injury
      • CNS (Brain+Spinal C) =info sent and action coordinated
      • Sensory/Relay/Motor/Effector
        • Neurones transmit info as electrical impulses.
      • Sense organs/receptors/stimuli
    • Hormones and Menstrual Cycle
      • 4 stages: bleeding+break down of uterus lining/ 2) lining builds up 3)egg realeased 4)waits to be fertilised or maintaned and then process starts again
      • FSH: PGland=egg to mature and stimulate production of OE
        • Oestrogen-Ovaries=produce LH and inhibit FSH
          • LH-PGland=release egg
        • CONTRACEPTIVE: oestrogen(inhibits FSH produced)+progesterone(makes mucus to stop sperm)
          • v. effective/reduces risk of cancer.
          • many side-effects/blocks vital arteries
        • FERTILITY
          • Help get pregant
          • multiple pregancies/chance of abnormatility/might not work
      • Chemical Messangers/travel in blood/affect target cells/secreted-glands
        • pass through SNYAPSE ( Connection btw 2 neurones)-diffuse across gap.
  • IVF: RIIE (removal/insemination/incubation/embryo transfer)
    • Baby
      • multiple births/ High R. miscarrage/strong reactions pain ect


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