Biology 1 - Controlling plant growth

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    • Factors in the environment control how plants grow.
      • Light
        • Plants grow towards light - phototropism
          • phototropism flows downwards evenly in shoots
            • light coming from one direction - auxin moves away from light to side of plant and that side grows more - plant leans towards light
        • plants grow away from light - negative phototropism
      • Gravity
        • Shoots grow against the force of gravity - negative gravitropism
        • Roots grow towards the force of gravity - positive gravitropism
          • roots also grow towards moisture
    • Hormones control how plants grow
      • Auxin
        • in shoots auxin encourages quicker growth
        • in roots auxin slows growth
          • Auxin collects on lower side of root. It slows growth so the shoot bends downwards.
        • Use weedkiller with high levels of auxins on weeds, the auxins cause rapid growth and kill the weeds as they grow out of control
    • Dip a cutting of a plant into a rooting compound - made of hormones
      • Encourages growth of root
        • Plant into soil and roots will grow quickly


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