biology- genes chromosomes and dna

what you needto know

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  • Genes , chromosomes, DNA
    • most cells in out body have nucleus
      • genetic material
    • Chromosomes
      • 23 pairs
    • Genes
      • short lengths of chromosome
      • exists in different version
        • each version gives a different form of a caraterictic
          • for example eye colour, hair colour...
      • controls the development of different caracteristic
      • the different  version of the same gene are called ALLEL
    • Genes
      • instruction of cell....code of making certain proteins
        • Proteins
          • structural proteins
            • skin , blood , hair , and the cytoplasm in our cell
              • collages is a structural protein that is found in tendons bones and cartilage
          • functional protein
            • enzymes are proteins that help with digestion by breaking down food molecules
              • amylase is a digestive enzyme that breaks down starch to maltoes.


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