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  • Biology Unit 3
    • Respitation
      • Aerobic
        • Happens when there is plenty of oxygen available
        • It's the most efficient
        • glucose+ oxygen - carbon dioxide+ water (+energy)
      • Anaerobic
        • Happens in vigorous exercise when your body can't supply enough oxygen to the muscles
        • glucose is only partly broken down which forms lactic acid
          • can be painful if it builds up in the muscles
        • glucose- lactic acid (+energy)
    • selective breeding
      • This is selecting the best plants or animals to pass on their characteristic to the offspring.
      • the best offspring will be selected to then breed them, and so one over several generations
      • this will make the desirable trait get stronger and stronger
    • Cloning
      • It is good as you can mass product a desirable characteristice.g. animals that are suitable for human transplants.
      • human embryos could provide stem cells for cell therapy
      • However clones of animals are often unhealthy and die permaturely
      • there are many other ethical issues too


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