Biology Unit one

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  • biology unit 1
    • healthy diet
      • A healthy diet contains the right amount of nutrient and if they don't get this they become malnourished
      • metabolic rate is the rate that the chemical reactions happen.
      • The body gains energy by eating food then it is used up during exercise
      • Inherited factor are not lifestyle factors but it can affect your health.
    • disease and drugs
      • bacteria may release toxins that make us feel ill.
      • viruses take over body cell's  DNA and cause the cells to make toxins.
      • microorganim that  cause disease are called pathogens
      • the  immune system helps to protect the body against pathogen
      • thalidomide and statins are medical drugs
      • a recreational drug is a drug that people use for its effect rather than for medical reasons.
    • responses and receptors
      • humans react to their surroundings using their nervous system
      • nerves contain nerve cells that connect the central nervous system to the receptors
      • reflex actions  are automatic so they take no conscious thought
      • Internal conditions in the body are controlled so the body work properly
    • The menstrual cycle in women is controlled by several hormones
    • environment
      • plants compete for light and water
      • animals compete for food, territory and mates for reproduction
      • animals in cold weather.
        • small ears  white colour   large feet    thick fur and fat
      • animals In warm weather have
        • large ears    small feet     thick coat
      • the source of energy for most food chains is light energy from the sun
      • decay is the breakdown of materials by microorganim
      • the constant cycle of carbon between air and living orgaism is the carbon cycle
    • genes
      • genes are what make up your DNA
      • reproduction
        • asexual is when only one parents gametes are used
        • sexual is  with two peoples gametes are used
      • genetic   engineering produces genetically modified organisms
    • Evolution
      • change over time
      • Darwin's theory
        • A new form of genes occur due to mutation
      • Lamarck's theory
        • He thought evolution was due to inherited characterises due to the environment


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