Biology Topic 4

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  • Biology T4
    • Photosynthesis
      • Carbon dioxide + Water = glucose + oxygen
      • Plants use it for: respiration, making cellulose, amino acids, stored as oils or fats or starch.
      • Limiting factors affect the rate of photosynthesis
    • Rate of Photosynthesis
      • Not enough light slows down the rate of photosynthesis
      • Too little carbon dioxide
      • The temperature
    • Metabolism
      • The chemical reactions in an organism
    • Respiration
      • Transferring energy from glucose which goes In every cell
      • Anaerobic respiration is respiration without enough oxygen. It uses glucose and produces lactic acid
      • Aerobic respiration needs plenty of oxygen. It uses glucose and oxygen to produce carbon dioxide and water.
    • Exercise
      • When you exercise you respire more so your muscles need more energy to contract
      • Anaerobic respiration leads to an oxygen debt - the amount of extra oxygen you need to remove built up lactic acid


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