Biology Required Practical: Photosynthesis


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  • Biology Required Practical: Photo Synthesis
    • 1. Set up a test tube rack containing a boiling tube at a distance of 10cm away from the light source. Fill the boiling tube with the Sodium Hydrogen Carbonate solution.
      • 2. Put the piece of pondweed into the boiling tube with the cut end at the top. Gently push the pondweed down with the glass rod.
        • 3. Leave the boiling tube for 5 minutes.Start the stop watch and count the number of bubbles produced in one minute.
          • 4. Record the results.
            • 5. Repeat the count twice more. Then use the data to calculate the mean number of bubbles per minute.
              • 6. Repeat steps 1?7 with the test tube rack and boiling tube at distances of 20 cm, 30 cm and 40 cm from the light source.
    • Care should be taken when handling glassware.
      • Care should be taken with the use of lamps that may get hot.
        • Use a large beaker of water in front of hot light sources.
          • Use light sources that absorb any UV light given off by the bulb/tube.
            • Care should be taken with the presence of water and the electrical power supply for the lamp.


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