Biology Required Practical: Microscopy


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- Safety Notes (In Pink)

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  • Biology Required Practical: Microscopy
    • Safety goggles should be worn when handling iodine solution.
      • Wash off any spillages on the skin immediately.
    • 1. Use a dropping pipette to put one drop of water onto a microscope slide.
      • 2. Separate one of the thin layers of the onion. Peel off a thin layer of epidermal tissue from the inner surface.
        • 3. Use forceps to put this thin layer on to the drop of water that you have placed on the microscope slide. Make sure that the layer of onion cells is flat on the slide.
          • 4. Put two drops of iodine solution onto the onion tissue.
            • 5. Carefully lower a cover slip onto the slide. Do this by: placing one edge of the cover slip on the side. Then using the forceps to lower the other edge onto the slide.
              • 6. Put the slide on the microscope stage. Use the lowest power objective lens - turn the nose piece to do this.
                • 7. The end of the objective lens needs to almost touch the slide. Do this by turning the coarse adjustment knob. Look through the side when doing this - not the eyepiece!
                  • 8. Now looking through the eyepiece, turn the coarse adjustment knob in the direction to increase the distance between the objective lens and the slide. Do this until the cells come into focus.
                    • 9. Now rotate the nose piece to use a higher power objective lens. Slightly rotate the fine adjustment knob to bring the cells into a clear focus and use the high-power objective to look at the cells.
                      • 10. Make a clear, labelled drawing of some of these cells. Make sure that you draw and label any component parts of the cell. Write the magnification underneath your drawing.


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