Biology Required Practical: Field Investigations


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  • Biology Required Practical: Field Investigations
    • Method 1: Population Size Using Random Sampling
      • 1. Collect two numbers, one from each bag. Use the numbers and the tape measures to locate the first position for your quadrat.
        • 2. Lay the 25cm x 25 cm quadrat on the ground.
          • 3. Replace the numbers in the bags. Count and record the number of plantain inside the quadrat.
            • 4. Collect two more numbers from the bags and use them to locate the next site. Replace the numbers in the bags for other students to use.
              • 5. Count and record the number of plantain inside the quadrat. Repeat steps 1 – 5 until you have recorded the numbers of plantain in 10 quadrats.
    • Method 2: The Effect of a Factor on Plant Distribution Using a Transect Line.
      • 1. Lay the 30m tape measure in a line from the base of a tree to an open area of ground.
        • 2. Put the 25 cm x 25 cm quadrat against the transect line.  One corner of the quadrat should touch the 0 m mark on the tape measure.
          • 3. Count the number of plants within the quadrat and record them in a table.
            • 4. Move the quadrat 5 m up the transect line and count the number of plants again. Record in the table.
              • 5. Continue to place the quadrat at 5 m intervals and count the number of plants in each quadrat.
                • 6. Gather data from your class to produce a graph of plant numbers against light intensity.
    • It is advisable not to undertake this experiment if the conditions are very wet as students may slip on wet grass.
      • The areas to be used should be checked beforehand to ensure that no hazardous materials, such as broken glass, are present.  This is especially necessary where items could be hidden in the longer grass.
      • Care should be taken when using tape measures that may recoil back if not carefully locked in place.


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