Biology - B5 - Digestion

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  • Biology - B5 - Digestion
  • The Human Digestive System.
  • Enzyme = amylase, substrate = starch, products of digestion = glucose, parts of the gut where the enzyme is found = mouth & small intestine.
    • Digestive enzymes.
      • Enzyme  =  carbohydrase, substrate = carbohydrates, products of digestion = glucose, parts of gut where it is found = salivary glands & small intestine
  • Bile emulsifies fats - breaks it into smaller  droplets. This gives enzymes (lipase) a larger surface area to work on.
  • Adaptations of the small intestine.
    • Very long.
    • Large surface area because it's lining is folded & has finger-like projections called villi.
    • Cells covering each villus have microvilli, which increase the surface area even more.
    • Lining is thin & it has a good blood supply.


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