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  • Biology Unit 3
    • Mitosis
      • 1- the DNA will replicate itself so there is double as much DNA
      • 2-the DNA will coil into chromosones
      • 3- The chromosomes will line up in the middle of the cell.
      • 4-cell fibires pull the cell apart and two arms of each chromosone go to the opposite ends of the cell.
      • 5-The cytoplasym divides and you have two identical cells
    • Meisois
      • 1-DNA replicates itself and coils into chromosome which line in pairs in the middle of the cell.
      • 2-the chromosome pairs exchange a small section of their DNA to provide variation in the offspring
      • 3-the pairs split up into two different cells in which there is still 100% of the usual amount of DNA
      • 4-the cells split again just like in mitosis. Leaving four new cells with half the amount of DNA
    • Stem cells
      • These are un-differentiated
        • They can develop into any possible type of cell, depending on the instructions that they are given.
      • Stem cells may be able to cure diseases
      • Scientist scan extract stem cells to be able to grow tissues to treat medical conditions.


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