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  • Biology cell, tissues and organs.
    • what is a cell? Cells are the building blocks of organisms and are specialised to perform particular jobs
    • how  is differentiation involved in the development of multicellular organisms? As a multicellular organism develops, its cells differentiate to form different specialised cells in order to function properly and to perform every job
    • what is a tissue? A tissue is a group of cells with similar structure and function
    • name three types of animal tissues    Muscular, glandular, epithelial
    • what is the function of muscular tissue? It can contract to bring about movement
    • what is the function of glandular tissue?To produce substances such as enzymes or hormones
    • what is the function of epithelial tissue? To cover some parts of the body
    • Which types of tissues is the stomach made up of? Muscular, glandular, epithelial
    • What is the function of the muscular tissue in the stomach? To churn the stomach contents
    • What is the function of the glandular tissue in the stomach? To produce digestive juices
    • what is the function of the epithelial tissue in the stomach?To cover the outside and inside of the stomach
    • Which types of tissues is the pancreas made up of? Two different types of glandular tissues
    • what is the function each of the types of glandular tissues in the pancreas?One to produce hormones that control blood sugar, the other to produce some of the digestive enzymes


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