Biology 1 - Year9

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  • Biology 1
    • Cells
      • Plant Cells
        • Are found in plants
      • Animal Cells
        • Are found in animals and Humans
      • Jobs of the organelles
        • Nucleus- Contains genetic material and coordinates the cells activities
          • Cell Membrane- controls what enters and exits the cell
        • Cell wall- it is a semi permeable outer layer of the plant cell, it gives structure and filters anything that enters and exits the cell
        • Ribosomes- Make protein
      • Prokaryotic cells
        • Uni cellular organisms that lack organelles. They do not have a nucleus, but have a nucloid with a single chromosome.
    • Microscopy
    • Aseptic Technique
      • To prevent contamination of pathogens
      • Used to minimise risk of infection
      • Strict Rules
      • Used in surgery rooms, clinics, care centers, and other health care settings
    • Bacteria Binary Fission
    • Testing New AntiBiotics
      • Grow bacteria in a petri dish and place the antibiotic in the petri dish and see how the growing of bacteria is being affected.
    • Investigating Disinfectants
      • Grow bacteria in a petri dish and then place some cotton full of disinfectant in the center and see how it effects growing of bacteria


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