Biology 1

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  • Biology 1
    • 1.1 Nutrients
      • Carbohydrate
        • provides energy
        • found in: sugary foods and starchy foods
        • Energy released slowed
      • Proteins
        • used for growth and repair
        • repair body tissues and makes new cells
        • muscles, organs and immune system are mainly made of protein
      • Vitamins and Minerals
        • keep you healthy
        • only need tiny amounts
        • needed for growth, development and normal function
      • Lipids
        • fats and oils
        • provide energy
        • keep you warm
          • provide a layer of insulation under your skin
        • protect organs from damage
      • Water
        • needed in all cells and for bodily fluid
        • replace lost bodily water
        • 70% of our cells is water
      • Fibre
        • provide bulk to food
          • keeps food moving through the gut
        • not a nutrient but essential
    • 1.2 Food Tests
      • Starch
        • test with iodine
          • orange-yellow liquid
          • if it turns blue-black colour
            • contains starch
      • Lipids
        • test with filter paper
          • rub food on paper
            • if it goes translucent contains lipids
        • or test with ethanol
          • shake test tube, leave a minute
            • pour the ethanol into a test tube of water
              • turns cloudy = contains lipids
      • Sugar
        • test with Benedict's Solution
          • heat test tube with a water bath
            • if turns orange-red, it contains sugar
      • Protein
        • test with copper sulphate and sodium hydroxide
          • cpopper sulphate is a pale-blue liquid
          • few drops of each solution
            • if it turns purple it contains protein


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