B3 - Biology Unit 1 - You and Your Genes

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  • Biology 1
    • Genes, Variation and Inheritance
      • Genes Chromosomes DNA
        • 1.)Most cells have a nucleus and its the nucleus which contains the genetic material 
        • 2.)Genetic material in the nucleus is arranged in chromosomes Humans have 23 pairs of chromosomes
        • 3.)Each chromosome is one long molecule of DNA that's coiled up. 
        • 4.) A gene is a short length of a chromosome
        • 5.) Genes control the developement of different characteristics e,g. hair colour, how an organism functions
        • Each gene has a code for making a certain protein. Proteins are the building blocks of cells. having different proteins means we end up with different characteristics
        • structural proteins include skin, hair, blood and cytoplasm in cells. Collagen is a structural protein found in tendons, bones and cartilage
        • Functional proteins include enzymes which help with digestion e.g. amylase breaks down starch to maltose
        • Genotype is all of the genes an organism has. The characteristics of an organism are in its phenotype
        • Some characteristics are caused by genes whilst others are caused by environmental factors
      • Variation
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