Biological Treatments for abnormality

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  • Biological treatments for abnormality
    • Drugs (drugs work through readressing biochemical imbalances in the brain- take effect on neurotransmitters)
      • Anti-Depressant drugs
        • MAOIs (monoamine-oxidase inhibitors)
          • They block the action of an enzyme that breaks down serotonin, increasing its availability to the nervous system
            • They should improve the suffers' mood
      • Anti-Psychotic drugs
        • Drug used to treat schizophrnia: phenothiazipies
          • Neurotransmitter they influence is dopamine
            • They block the DZ receptor for dopamine
              • Reduces the symptoms of hallucinations and delusions
      • Evaluation
        • Strengths: 1) Efficiency 2) Improves mood 3) Therapy as well as treatment
        • Weaknesses: 1) Side Effecs (stiffness and tremors) 2) Ethical Issues in use of drugs 3) Limited beneficial effects- Placebo? 4) Long term dependancy 5) Are drugs addressing actual cause
    • ECT (used if drugs fail, rare. Lies on bed & given muscle relaxant and anaesthetic. 70-130 volts through brain. Reduces memory loss. Convulsions 1 min. Do not remember treatment after
      • ECT most commonly used to treat schizophreniand depression
        • 11000 people given ECT in 1999.
          • 2/3 of people receiving treatment are woman
      • Evaluation
        • Strengths: 1) Efficient 2) Quick 3) Effective short term treatment 4) Improves mood
        • Limitations: 1) Relapses 2) Must be careful (suicide) 3) unclear how it works 4) severe cognitive impairments following 5) Ethical issues- history of abuse controlling/ punishing people in hospitals


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