Biological rhythms & sleep

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  • Biological rhythms & sleep
    • Biological rhythms
      • Circadian rhythm
        • 1-sleep wake, temp, 2- siffre free run, Folkard- 24 maintain Folkard- 8% superior, Greitsburg- cold water
      • Infradian & ultradian
        • 2-Dement & Klei- REM dream. Russel-menstr not just endo, sweat. Consequen- crime* SAD- jet lag. APP- phototherapy
      • Endogenous & exogenous (2 essays)
        • Siffre- 24 hour cyc Folkard- Social cue Campbell- light knee Boivin- Artific lighting- IMP
        • Morgan- mutant hamp transplant Decoursey- survival mechanism  chipmunks. Siffre
      • Consequences
        • Gould- forward rotating( phase delay) boivin- lighting/ reverse, melatoning tablets, meal replacements. Other effects- shift: disrupt sleep, jet lag: bad night sleep b4
    • Sleep states
      • Restoration theory/functions of sleep
        • Tripp- intrusion, Gardner-Rebound, Siegel- dolphins, Empson- REM wakeup, Shapiro- marathon runners
      • Evolutionary explanations
        • Zepellin- high meta rate slept longer, Capellini- same danger sleep same? contradict- negative corr:then support forgaing? Cap- Body size and NMREM-(larger did have shorter NREM. End combined approach:  Core- needed 4 bodily restoration, SWS- optional conserving energy small animals
      • Nature of sleep
        • 1- 90 mins, 60 mins cycles,adjustable, Kleitman- 2 stages, alpha, sleep spindles, delta waves, paradoxical, GH. dream. Kleitman- Dream  wakeup, Hobson- criticise methodological? Science? Jouvet- biological lesions Antbodies-reductionsist, NVN-SAD-nature?
    • disorders of sleep
      • Insomnia
        • Causes- identify primary/second, Risk- Speilman:50% genetic twins, diathesis-stress, treatment- Sleep hygiene, melatonin tablets, Roberts- Texas 25% teenage ins, school + circadian- 5% affect conc
      • 2+ sleep disorders- Narcolepsy, Sleep walking
        • Nar dogs- Link within REM sleep, HLA- dogs, show not only reason, Hypocretins- human lack in cerebrospinal fluid. Sleep waking- children most More SWS?Broughton- +other 50% concordance rate= hereditary, Zadara- la 90% deprevied sleep.Not deprive sleep though caused!


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