biological molecules: proteins

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  • Biological molecules: proteins
    • quaternary structure
      • some proteins are made up of more than one polypeptide subunits
      • haemoglobin
    • haemoglobin
      • haem group contains Fe2+
        • prosthetic group
      • 4 polypeptide subunits
        • 2 alpha
        • 2 beta
      • oxygen binds to iron
      • globular
    • tertiary structure
      • 3D structure of the final polypeptide molecule
    • collagen
      • fibrous
      • forms cross-links (covalent bonds) with other collagen molecules
      • collagen fibrils for a collagen fibre
      • function
        • strength in the walls of blood vessels
        • tends connect skeletal muscle to the bone
        • bones
        • cosmetic purposes
        • cartilage
    • secondary structure
      • coiling and pleating of the polypeptide molecule
        • held in place by hydrogen bonds
    • DNA determines the order the amino acids are bonded in


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