Biological Model (Gambling)

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  • Biological Model (Gambling)
    • Initiation
      • Gene DRD2 found in 50% of addicted gamblers and 25% of general population.This suggests DRD2 appears more frequently in gamblers and some people may inherit genetic predisposition to become susceptible (Comings 1998)
    • Maintenance
      • In gambling maintenance, has shown to increase dopamine levels in the brain so affects brain reward pathway.
      • + Meyer et al studied 14 male problem gamblers + 15 non-gamblers. In setting participants palyed black jack in casino with their own money. He found dopamine levels were significantly higher in problem gamblers during casino compared to non-problem gamblers. Suggets bio factors can impact gambling
      • Small sample= not representative.Gender bias so can't be generalised
    • Relapse
      • Can be explained by withdrawal symptoms
      • + Wray and Dickenson reported gamblers who are prevented from gambling often report changes that resemble withdrawal symptoms. Therefore may relapse to avoid unpleasant symptoms


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