Biological explanations of schizophrenia AO1

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  • Biological therapies of schizophrenia AO1
    • Conventional antipsychotics reduce effects of dopamine...reduce the effects of schizophrenia
      • dopamine antagonists, bind to receptors but don't stimulate them
    • chlorpromazine can eliminate halluces and delusions. effectiveness of dopamine antagonists led to dopamine hypothesis
    • atypical antipsychotics bind to D2 receptors then rapidly dissociate. this is thought to lower side effects
    • schiz rare in epilepsy patients. inducing seizures could possibly cure schiz. first studies showed lower recovery for ect patients
    • electrode on forehead and above non dominant side of the brain
      • nerve blocking agent given. 0.6amps 1 min seizure 3-15 treatments required


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