Biological explanations of schizophrenia AO1

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  • Biological explanations of schiz
    • children with 2 schizo parents have a concordance rate of 46%, 1 parent 13%, one sibling 9%
    • joseph found concordance rate of 40.4% MZ twins and 7.4 for DZ. Blind diagnosis report lower concordance for MZ twins
    • tienari finland tested 164 adoptees with a shizo mother, 11 had schizo too. 4 out of 197 control adoptees had schizo
    • schizo thought to have too many D2 receptors = more dopamine firing
    • Amphetamines is a dopamine agonist stimulates relase of dopamine = delusions and hallus
      • Anitpsychotic drugs block dopamine activity=eliminate symptoms
      • low levels dopamine in ppl with parkinsons. ppl taking l-dopa started to develop schizo symtpoms


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