Biological therapies for schizophrenia AO2

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  • Biological therapies for schiz AO2
    • significant difference in relapse rates between placebo and treatment groups
    • antipsychotic meds good for schizos in hostile environment meds relapse was 53% but placebo was 92%
      • schizos in good environment no significant difference
    • conventional antipsychotics have worrying side effects. 30% people develop tardive dyskinesia, irreversible in 75% cases
      • claim that atypical antipsychotics is good for negative symptoms has marginal support
    • being given meds reinforces the belief that something is wrong. make it hard to identify possible stressors and therefore ppl dont look for solutions
    • atypical antipsychotics only moderately better than conventional
    • AA have lower risk of tardive dyskinesia, fewer side effects=more likely to continue
    • Results of ECT no different or worse than antipsychotic indian study found no difference in symptom reduction
    • due to risks use of ECT has declined


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