Biological Explanations of Anorexia Nervosa

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  • Biological Explanations of Anorexia Nervosa
    • Holland et al  found a 55% concordance rate for MZ twins, 7% for DZ
    • Fischer and Park - abnormalities are a result of severely reduced food intake, not the cause of it.
      • Supported by the Minnesota WW2 study on eating.
    • Collier found a fault seratoningn receptor/gene among many anorexics.
    • AN is associated with chemical imabalance. McIveen and Gross saw the hypothalamus as an eating regulator.
      • Supported by "Living on Air" documentary where 10% families had >1 person with an eating disorder (Kay)
    • Hoek found the same proportion of eating disorders in Curacao as in Europe
      • Provides synoptic link of cross-cultural studies
    • Greeen (Psychology Review 2013) says that twin studies and AN are rare so there are issues with research around AN and biological causes.
    • APA (1994) reports that first degree relatives of AN sufferers have increased risk of having it too.
      • BUT this could be seen to be due to sharing the same environment, rather than being genetic.
        • Behaviour may be learnt from suffering family members.


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