Biological Explainations of Gender Development

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  • Biological Explainations of Gender Development
    • A01
      • A fetus inherits its sex from its father, girls are fertilzed with a x sperm and boy with a y. Thus girls have ** chromosomes and boys have xy. During  development lack of a chemical called TDF cause girls to go through the mullerian course of development where gonads will turn in to ovaries, in boy the presence of TDF causes them to go through the wolfian course pf development were gonads turn into testes
      • Chromosome initially determine someone sex, but hormones are reasonable for a great deal of development both pre natally and during adolescent. Pre natally hormones influence the appearance pf the gentaila at birth  and brain devlopment both of which influence gender behavior. The role in which horomones influence gender devlopmet biologliy can be see in indivdual how have been exposed to abnormal levels of horomones (inter-sex indivduals)
    • A02 & A03
      • Imperio et al - studied a family in the Dominican republic, they studied brother who were genetically male but were exposed to insufficient levels of testosterone during development causing their gentlia to appear female, however at the age of 12 they underwent male puberty, their testes dropped and a penis grew. The boys took on their new male roles and married women and were said to be happy and accepted as males.
        • This study supports the nature debate as the boys were socialized into having a female gender identity- however biology took over during puberty and changed their atomty to match their genetic sex and since they developed a male gender identity then biology is suggested to have determined gender identity
      • David reimer - born a boy but had his penis actdentliy burnt off - doctor money an somewhat extreme nurture psychologist conviced his parent to raise him as a girl, money's motives were to parade "brenda" as evidence to prove that social labeling detremed gender identy. However David was uncormtable being brenda and never truly conformed to the beahours you would expect from a female. Brenda got so unhappy that her parent had to tell her about her true sex and she got an oppertation to turn her back into a boy.
        • Again this study demonstrates the power of biology of gender devlopment


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