Biological expl AN

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  • Biological exp AN
    • Serotonin correlation
      • Disturbances in serotonin levels linked to AN. Underactive serotonin pathways. Reduction serotonin correlation low levels and AN
    • Gender bias
      • 25% men  eating disorders, treatment implications, giving birth. not apply to men. cannot be explained by reproductive suppression
    • Determinstic
      • Biological makeup predisposed, no control over.  No explaination why low levels limiting understanding. Making it unclear serotonin is the cause
    • Reproductive suppression
      • Surbey- girls desire to control weight, adaption to delay onset sexual maturation, response to cues. Probability poor reproductive success. Avoid birth when conditons not favourable to offspring
    • Not effective
      • SSRI's not effective. Theory seems to be incorrect. Drugs balance serotonin levels, less anxiety yet does not work. Implying not just serotonin levels
    • Adaption to flee
      • Hyperactivity and denial of starvation response to famine. To be active and migrate to areas with more food for suvival.
    • Bailer et al, serotonin and anxiety
      • Women recovering restricting type and binge with healthy controls. Higher serotonin activity most anxiety. Disruption trigger AN. symptom of AN is heightened anxiety in relation to food
    • Adaptive advantage
      • If can be predisposed. Evolutionary psychologists argue adaptive advantage useful in EEA
    • Kaye, insensitive receptors
      • PET scans, fewer serotonin receptors in brains of people ED and in recovered AN cause of insenstive receptors not low levels of chemical itself
    • Prevent relapses
      • Evidence that it is a key factor
    • Dopamine
      • Kaye et al, PET scans compared 10 recovering AN and healthy. Overactivity of dopamine. Interpretation of harm and pleasure. Change way think of rewards. Challenging to link good feelings. postive reinforce avoiding, rewarded by dopamine
    • Lower levels obese wang
      • Proves explaination useful and high ecological validity, real cases could be appliable to treatment
    • Treatment
      • Real life application, normalise neurotransmitter levels/gene replacement. Advantage biological approach dysfunctional biology not family, reduces guilt
    • Reductionsm
      • Simplifying to just neurotrasmitter and neurodevelopment, more complex. attiude to food e.g body dismorpha, distorted perception of image no biological association
      • Adaptive advantage
        • If can be predisposed. Evolutionary psychologists argue adaptive advantage useful in EEA
    • Lack direct support
      • Cannot go back in time to test. Lacks validity as no direct supporting emprical evidence
    • Decrease fertilty
      • How would it be passed on by natural selection. Decrease fertility, reproduction difficult. May kill individual. Reduce suriviability. LT disadvantage
    • Modern day
      • Issues temporal validity. Modern humans differ, food not scarce. Famine not applicable.Many AN cases food plentiful. Development of modern day AN traits consqence factors not associated with evolution


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