Biological Beliefs

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  • Biological Approach Beliefs
    • Genes
      • Units of information that are inherited from our parents
      • Control / Influence our characteristics
      • Sections of DNA found in our cells
      • May interact with one another to produce an effect on behaviour
    • Hormones
      • Messages can be passed on through hormones
      • E.g. androgens and oestrogen
      • Chemical that is released from a gland, travels into the blood and affects target organs
      • Affect growth, development and metabolism
    • Central Nervous System
      • Makes decisions and controls co-ordination
      • Nerves that are connected carry information in and out from the brain
      • Neurones
        • Nerve cells that receive and transmit information from cell to cell
        • Contain receptors, to which neurotransmitters attach and cause action potentials
      • Neurotransmitters
        • Chemical messengers that act between the neurones in the brain
        • Allow the brain to process thoughts and memories


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