Biological Approach definitions

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  • Definitions
    • CNS- made up of the brain & spinal cord. Focuses on how the brain controls our behaviour
    • Synapse- Junction between 2 neurons where info can be passed
    • Neurons- Cell in the CNS that receives or passes on info through electrical impulses
    • Neurotransmitters- A chemical involved in passing info between neurons at synapse. From terminal button to dendrite.
    • Receptor- An organ or cell that responds to external stimulus e.g. heat/light & transmits signal to sensory nerve
    • Genes- Contain DNA carrying info through generations. For protein synthesis. Influences development
    • Hormones- Chemicals released in blood stream, change functions in body. Oestrogen/  testosterone
    • Brain Lateralisation- Extent to which brain functions are controlled by each hemisphere. Males- right, Women- both


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