biological treatment of depression

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  • Drug treatment of depression
    • Uses psychoactive drugs that change the balance of neurotransmitters in the brain
    • anti-depressants increase the levels of monoamines including serotonin
    • psychiatrists will adjust the quantity of a drug so that it's tailored to the level needed for the patient
    • psychoactive drugs for treating mental disorders are available on prescription and patients will be monitored to ensure they are responding to the drugs
    • There are usually several different drugs for treating the same disorder and it may be necessary to try several different ones until the drug that suits a particular patient best is found.
    • SSRIs stop the reuptake of serotonin to the presynaptic bulb which means that there will be more in the synapse.
    • MAOIs stop MAO from working which means it doesnt break down monoamines and their number increases
    • Jarrett et al (1999) found that MAOIs were more effective than tricyclics for treating severe depression but they have a toxic effect if combined with other drugs or certain foods/drinks
    • Nulman et al showed no deleterious effects on cognitive or language functions in children whose mothers had undergone drug treatment for depression during pregnancy
    • •        Muller (2013) cites a study done in the netherlands and found that 76% of those who didn’t receive treatment still recovered and did not relapse.


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