Biological Therapies for Treating SZ

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  • Biological Therapies for Treating SZ
    • ECT
      • ECT is a historical treatment of SZ,which was largely abandoned after the discovery of Anti Psychotic Drugs
      • ECT is only used as a last resort (mainly for Catatonic SZ) if a SZic is at risk to themselves or to others
      • Patients are given a small electric shock which induces a seizure
      • It is believed that the seizure 'restarts' the brain in some way, however this can have negative side effects such as headaches and memory loss
    • Drugs
      • Main Biological Therapy for SZ
      • Three types;    Typical, Less-Typical and Atypical Anti-Psychotic drugs
      • Typical & Less-Typical Drugs
        • Older generations of Anti-Psychotic Drugs, such as Chloro-promazine
        • Dopamine antagonists~ meaning that they block the D2 receptors resulting in less of the neuro-transmitter dopamine being transmitted across the synapse and therefore reducing the dopaminergic activity
        • Can be used to help reduce anxiety and help control hallucinations and delusions
        • However, can also have negative side effects, such as tardive dyskinesia, which in some cases can be harder to live with than the symptoms of SZ
      • Atypical Anti- Psychotic Drugs
        • Newer generations of Anti Psychotic Drugs, such as risperidone
        • Fewer side effects and more effective when compared to to Typical and Less-Typical Anti Psychotic Drugs
        • Dopamine Antagonists, as well, however they also reduce the transmission of Serotonin,  which help to control the negative symptoms where Typical and Less-Typical drugs only control the positive symptoms
    • These therapies do not cure SZ but instead try to manage the symptoms of SZ so that SZic's can live 'normal' functioning lives in their own homes


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