biological explanations of abnormalities 

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  • biological explanations of abnormalities
    • schizophrenia
      • gottesman and shield        42%mz        9%dz
    • abnormal affect
      • McGuffin 46%mz     20%dz
    • addictions
      • schukit 40% of sons of alcoholics decreased sensitivity 10% in non alcoholic sons
    • phobias
      • ost blood phobics 64%of patients had a 1st degree relatively also with a blood phobia
      • preparedness ohman shown pictures of snakes, spiders, houses and faces, 1/2 received shocks with horses other half with faces galavant akin response higher with spiders with no shocks
    • OCD
      • abnormal brain structure in the orbitofrontal cortex and thalamus these are over active and linked with motivation to clean
      • gilbert found increased thalamic volumes in OCD patients


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